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IMG Stage Line DMIX-20 digitális keverőpult 19 csatornás

IMG Stage Line DMIX-20 digitális keverőpult 19 csatornás
  • IMG Stage Line DMIX-20 digitális keverőpult 19 csatornás
  • IMG Stage Line DMIX-20 digitális keverőpult 19 csatornás
  • IMG Stage Line DMIX-20 digitális keverőpult 19 csatornás
327 203 Ft
Akció: 299 500 Ft
Kezdete: 2018.09.11   A készlet erejéig!
2 év hivatalos márkaszervíz garanciával!

A Mixer for Creative Users ...
The digital mixer DMIX-20 from IMG STAGELINE impresses with an intuitive operating concept of the well thought-out user surface. Due to the compact design, it is also ideally suited for applications on smaller to medium-sized stages and for your home studio. The device quickly impresses musicians, DJs and live sound mixers. Combined with an external router, the DMIX-20 also allows for a convenient operation via iPad using a network connection. The free app can be downloaded from the app store.
  • The console features 16 mono input channels and 2 stereo input channels as well as +48 V phantom power. The 8 outputs can either be used as 4 aux paths and 4 subgroup paths or as 8 aux outputs. It features 2 integrated DSPs with 12 types of effects, noise gate, compressor/limiter, delay and a 100 mm motor-driven fader.
    The colour LCD touch screen facilitates the operation with your settings which can easily be stored due to modern digital technology. Thus, you are able to store the channel's sound adjustments via parametric equalizer, graphical equalizer or use the options of the effect unit. Furthermore, the digital mixer enables you to store 24 overall settings. The full duplex port allows for simultaneous recording and reproduction from a PC or onto a PC. It is also equipped with two headphone outputs.
    19-channel digital audio mixer, with touch screen, 2 DSP effect units and USB interface.
    16 mono input channels with assignable controls
    8 channel inserts
    2 stereo input channels
    1 USB audio channel
    Full duplex USB port (allows for simultaneous recording and reproduction) for reproduction of digital audio data from a PC and for recording mixings onto a PC
    2 integrated DSPs as well as equalizer, noise gate, compressor/limiter and delay
    4 aux send outputs and 4 subgroup outputs or 8 aux outputs
    6 DCA groups
    Control room function
    100 mm motor-driven fader
    Sampling rate: 24 bits/48 kHz
    Settings can be stored
    Remote control possible via iPad (connected to external router)
    RJ45 network connection for remote control
    +48 V phantom power
    2 adjustable headphone outputs
    17.8 cm colour LCD touch screen (7") for display and settings
    Mounting facility for extension modules available at option
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